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Skin Care }
All facials are designed to restore the health and luster of your skin by replenishing vital nutrients to restore smoother youthful skin. Each treatment is blended and customized for your skin's needs.

Botanical extracts from the sea rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals and dried herbs and essential oils of flowers, leaves, roots, herbs and bark are effectively used to promote the health and beauty of your skin. We work to relax, detoxify and soothe facial muscles while simultaneously hydrating your skin and improving blood and lymph circulation, leaving your skin revitalized with a healthy glow.
Holistic Herbal Facial
Begin with a warm facial wrap and aromatic pressure point massage of the neck and shoulders for relaxation and lymphatic circulation. Multiple deep cleanses, gentle exfoliation, toning and a soothing masque are applied to nourish and revitalize. Your skin is hydrated and balanced, leaving you feeling soft, refreshed and radiant.
 60 Minutes ~ $90
Fresh Express Facial
Efficiently addresses the skin of your neck, shoulders, and face, with an algae activated cleansing, gentle exfoliation, and reviving masque to nourish and replenish. The results are clean, healthy, glowing skin. An ideal accompaniment to any massage or body treatment.
 Add-On Treatment ~ $60
Gentlemanís Facial
Deep cleansing and nourishing therapeutic facial designed for the skin care needs of men, including an invigorating masque to refine pores. Addresses sensitivity and aids in the prevention of shaving irritation. Relaxing massage of the neck, shoulders, and arms.
 60 Minutes ~ $95
Waxing Services
 Brow, Lip, or Chin ~ $25
 Armpits ~ $50
 Bikini ~ $60
Therapeutic HealthWorks, Inc.
2114 Sealy, Galveston, Texas 77550
Phone: 409-762-8199
Danielle Barker Alvarado ~ Proprietor, OTR, LMT, MTI, cnmi.